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Dear Future Bride, From Past Bride

Hello my beautiful brides!

I did a little research for this post! I asked past brides (not just mine!) what they wish they had known for their wedding day. What would they have changed? What did they love about their day? And today, I’m sharing their answers with you! This is GOLD! I hope you can apply their answers to your wedding day!

Dear Future Bride,

“I wish I would have done what I WANTED. I let a lot of people persuade my opinions and my wedding ended up generic and not a reflection of us. I say listening to your heart and creating a wedding that is unique to you two is most important!”

“I wish we had booked a videographer.” (This was the case for A TON of people!)

“I think the biggest thing that bothers me about my wedding day is I didn’t get the dress I absolutely loved. I fell in love with the first one I tried on, but I ended up getting the one my mom loved. I’ve only seen her cry about 4 times in my life, and when she saw me in my dress, that was one of those times!”

“Wish I would have hired someone to help me plan. Not a planner necessarily because I am not very main stream, but someone who could help me determine which of my ideas were doable and then helped me see them through and help me the day of! I had to tell people when to walk because of a miscommunication between my family.”

“I wish we would have done a ‘first look’ and actually seen each other in private with just the photographer before the wedding. I was stuck on tradition and didn’t want to see him beforehand.”

“I wish I had spent more money on my photography. Ours was good, but I really wish I would have forked out for it.”

“I would have been stricter on my RSVP’s.”

“The best thing I did for our wedding day was plan a huge party for the reception. We invited so many people with only finger foods and basically just went with the flow! No set schedule, had a DJ who was super flexible and we just would change everything on him when we wanted! He was a friend, and was super cool with it. Saved money by not having a cake, because we don’t like cake.”

“I took my time on everything. It was my day. I did what I wanted to do, but I also did not let the little things get to me. I wanted to enjoy it, not freak out about things that went wrong.”

“I had a very quiet small courthouse wedding. With only immediate family. While I love my wedding I missed out on a lot. I wished I wasn’t shy to speak up about what I wanted (tell the judge we wanted to read our own vows), and wished we would have had a first dance. The best thing I did for myself is to let myself enjoy the moment and not rush it.”

“I would have done a First Look.”

“I would have hired a day of event manager!”

“Having a smaller guest list! We were pressured into having over 200 guests and I don’t know/remember some of them.”

I wish I had hired Megan Vaughan Photography. #badphotogmemories #nopicturesofmydress #nobridalshoot#nofamilypictureofBrianAllisonLiam #nofamilypicturesATALL #FAIL  – We spent a couple thousand $$ on the photographers too. SUCH a disappointment. My only saving grace was incredible videographers….but that doesn’t fit in a frame! BTW, the photog told me at the end of the wedding day they ALWAYS meet the bride and groom back at the venue when they return from the honeymoon to get the rest of the pictures. REALLY? REEEEAAALLLLY?????”

I wish had known how hot it gets under wedding dressing. Shorts, chaffing cream, etc are going to be needed.”

“I wish we would have had a longer reception. It was so fast that if their were not pictures I wouldn’t have remembered it. Enjoy that time with family and friends to celebrate. I had my maid of honor spend the night with me the night before my wedding. Then that morning she made sure I had breakfast and any beverage I wanted or needed and made me a wedding day mix to play all day till the ceremony. It was so perfect. Most brides get so excited and anxious that they don’t think to eat.”

I hired one of the best photographers that I have ever worked with! Megan Vaughan! I made sure to bring a change of clothes for after which made life so much better. I also didn’t stress over anything. I knew what ever happened was going to happen anyway. I don’t think I would want my day to go any other way.”

“I would have done an engagement session with my wedding photographer.”

Very best thing I did was honestly just take a moment away from everyone and eat a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie before the ceremony started. Just ‘purposing to pause’ before it all began was so needed for me... and it helped me to focus my mind and calm my heart. And also the best thing was that I hired Megan Vaughan Photography because she not only capture the best pictures, she was also there enjoying that cookie with me and it is one of my cherished memories from my special day.”

“If I can give any advice to new brides – who were like me, just RELAX the day of the wedding. Make sure you communicate that NO ONE should be asking you questions but rather put that on someone else, a planner or the MOH. You are to be restful and just enJOY the moment. Do not stress and don’t worry about the details once that opening ceremony music starts!”

“I wouldn’t have let people push me around with my wedding. I would have kept it simple the way WE wanted, instead of having 300 guests who we barely talk to years later.”

“Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Drink extra water at least 48 hours before, not on the day of.”

“I wish I had of spent more and invested more in my photographer.” (Also, a REALLY BIG one)

Best thing I can recommend from my own wedding and those I have coordinated is the bride and groom first look and personal photo session before the ceremony. I know some are very traditional and think this is a “no no” but it is truly the most precious time I’ve ever experienced or seen a bride and groom share. It’s also such a relief and time saver so you can actually enjoy the reception and your guests. Having a small intimate wedding that didn’t break the bank was also priceless. Truly. We didn’t feel like we had anyone to impress and while it was beautiful, it was ours. Not for anyone else.”

“Have a day of wedding coordinator. I wish my family didn’t spend all their time setting things up and figuring out details and I wish I didn’t have so many questions asked of me during the day.”

“I wish I hadn’t invited people out of guilt (some people were rude and were like I CANT WAIT TO GO TO YOUR WEDDING, who were more acquaintances or mild friends and so I invited them) — I’d have invited fewer people, and spent more on the honeymoon!”

“And should go without saying: through the whole process, keep all of it in prayer. Every little detail, every big detail.”

Past Bride

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