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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Did you buy a kit? If so, where?
A: No kits! Mitch and I sat down beside his parent’s pool in Texas in July 2017 one evening, and sketched out what we wanted the greenhouse to look like. Surprisingly enough, we didn’t go through many variations for the main structure.

Q: Where is it located?
A: We’re close to Lynchburg, VA. The greenhouse was built in our backyard on our private property.

Q: Will you sell the supply list?
A: We never wrote the plans down! We hope to tackle this soon.

Q: How long did it take you to build, and who built it?
A: It took 7 months to build. Aside from a couple days where a friend stepped in to help, my husband, Mitch, was outside all day, every possible day, building it by himself.

Q: Why did you build it?
A: You can read about that right here!

Q: Do you have any progress pictures?
A: Yes! Update 1 | Update 2 | Completed

Q: It is winterized?
A: No! All the plants will come inside for the winter. We don’t want the machinery needed for that to take away from it’s natural beauty.

Q: I’m a photographer! Can I rent it from you for sessions?
A: Yes! Click here for more information.

Q: Can I get married in your greenhouse?
A: Yes, you can! Click here for more information.

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'he has made everything beautiful in its time.'
- Ecclesiastes 3:11