The greenhouse is a private sanctuary built by Mitch & Megan Vaughan in their backyard. It measures 14x22, with 9.5 foot walls and the roof peaking at 14 feet. It's made from rough cut cedar beams and old, refurbished windows. Open for photographer/artist rentals, product shoots, small ceremonies and elopements.

christmas at the greenhouse mini sessions | Nov. 16th & 17th | click here for more info

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Did you buy a kit? If so, where?
A: No kits! Mitch and I sat down beside his parent’s pool in Texas in July 2017 one evening, and sketched out what we wanted the greenhouse to look like. Surprisingly enough, we didn’t go through many variations for the main structure.

Q: Where is it located?
A: We’re close to Lynchburg, VA. The greenhouse was built in our backyard on our private property.

Q: Will you sell the supply list?
A: If this is something you’re truly interested in, please inquire. This greenhouse was custom built for us, for us, and has exactly what we wanted. It has indescribable personal and sentimental value to us, so pricing on a supply list and/or kit would reflect that.

Q: How long did it take you to build, and who built it?
A: It took 7 months to build. Aside from a couple days where a friend stepped in to help, my husband, Mitch, was outside all day, every possible day, building it by himself.

Q: Why did you build it?
A: You can read about that right here!

Q: Do you have any progress pictures?
A: Yes! Update 1 | Update 2 | Completed

Q: It is winterized?
A: Not yet! All the plants will come inside for the winter. Winterizing is something we’re looking into!

Q: I’m a photographer! Can I rent it from you for sessions?
A: Yes! Click here for more information.



Q: Can I get married in your greenhouse?
A: Yes, you can! Pricing would be $750 per hour with a 3 hour minimum. We do offer rental + photography and rental + photography + videography packages. Please inquire for more information about that!

Q: How many people will it hold inside?
A: We’ve estimated that it will seat about 20 people. The option to get married outside of it is also available, which would seat additional people. To see a mock wedding, please click here.

Q: What’s included if we rent it for our wedding?
A: The rental literally just includes using the structure itself. Everything else will need to be brought in and set up/taken down by you and/or friends/family. For table/chair rentals, we recommend Happily Ever After Events or Aztec Rentals. For portable restrooms, we recommend Royal Restrooms. We are also happy to provide recommendations for any other vendors you may need!

Q: Where do we park?
A: Parking is EXTREMELY limited as it’s literally just our driveway. Kroger is about 3 minutes down the road. We recommend parking there and either carpooling or hiring a shuttle service.

Q: Are the plants inside year round?
A: Plants are outside in the greenhouse from about mid-April to late October. It varies from year to year. We are looking into winterizing the greenhouse so plants are inside year round.


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Located in Lynchburg, VA

upcoming events:
Nov. 16/17 - Christmas at the greenhouse
mid-april 2020 - plants come back outside
may 24, 2020 - ceremony day
july 17-19, 2020 - shootout for photographers
september 20, 2020 - ceremony day