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Jasmine & Gabriel | Greenhouse Styled Shoot

When the idea of the greenhouse was born, of course I had dreams of doing a styled wedding shoot with it. We waited until the weather was perfect and we knew the light. I carefully pieced together each part. I knew exactly what I wanted it to look like. We just had to find the perfect day! It was incredible to shoot for just myself. I actually teared up a couple times. It was so beautiful and even more than what I had envisioned. However, in the beginning, the plan wasn’t to keep it to myself.

I went back and forth about whether or not to share this part, but I’m going to because it teaches the value of doing something for just yourself. The greenhouse has not been opened up to outside photographers, and I actually advertised the styled shoot and was going to let others come shoot in it for the first time. Surprisingly (and sadly), I received negative backlash because of the pricing I had set for it. Bottom line, it’s my greenhouse on my property. I can charge whatever I wanted. I wasn’t ready for the greenhouse to have anything negative associated with it, so I quickly took away the opportunity from the public and just canceled the whole thing in my head.  And then I thought… no. I’m still doing this and it’s going to be just for me.

I pulled together my incredible vendor team, found my models and we made it happen.

The whole week, the forecast said rain. When I envisioned these images, they were golden and glowing. I let the golden glow idea go and tried to prepare to have images without sunlight. Oh my goodness, I’m so glad the forecast was wrong!

Gabe. Looking so fly.

Ready to begin the ceremony and see her groom!

We can comfortably fit 20 seats inside. Perfect for a small elopement!

The timing for shooting everything indoors was perfect. What’s so great about this location is the light is ever-changing with the setting sun, giving you different, stunning light all through the evening.

Gosh, that golden glow!!

Love these two.

Reception dress! I mean, how perfect for a greenhouse?! Complete with smoke bombs. Of course.

The haze left over from the smoke bombs complete with the final golden light of the sun was just amazing!!

To my vendors, thank you so much for making this incredible shoot come to life! You are all so loved and so appreciated!

Venue: Vaughan House Greenhouse
Photographer: Megan Vaughan
Videographer: Mitch Vaughan
Bouquet/Chair Swag: Foraged & Cut
Dress: Stella York via Ashley Grace Bridal
Reception Dress: Red Dress Boutique
Makeup: Laci Fore
Hair: Jessica Comiskey
Invites: A Paper Wedding
Macrame: Rashael Jones
Models: Jasmine & Gabriel McGann

  1. Alex Gray says:

    So beautiful! It’s really sad that the community gave you a hard time about pricing. But it looks like it worked out incredibly. Amazing work!

  2. J&H says:

    This is spectacular. I remember what you were charging for the styled shoot, and it obviously would have been worth it. Next time don’t schedule your awesome stuff so close to our baby due date, k.

    Great work.

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