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So You Want to Buy Some Plants?

Hi friends! I’ve had a lot of you ask me where to start when it comes to buying house plants. Most of you feel like you just can’t keep anything alive! The most common mistake is overwatering. They don’t need to be watered every day, but they do need sunlight every day.

Where to buy from? For specialty plants, I like to order from Etsy and have actually had really good luck with that! I also hit up Lowe’s and Home Depot quite a bit, as well as local nurseries.

What’s best for my home? For a leafy, easy to care for plant, I’d recommend a philodendron (pothos). There are tons of different varieties. The leaf shape is about the same, but sizing and coloring is different. For these plants, I water twice a week (or when the soil is dry) and make sure they have plenty of window light! These plants can also survive outside, but don’t put them in direct sunlight.

Marble queen pothos.

Monstera Adansonii AKA swiss cheese plant. Definitely a favorite!

You can also propagate plants without soil in water! I got this clipping from my sister-in-law. It’s been in the water for about 6 months, and I can’t bring myself to plant it. It’s just so pretty in the water! This one is called a Brazil philodendron.

Silver leaf philodendron.

This is Muse. One of my first plants. She’s more than quadrupled in length since I got her last year! I should clip her, but I can’t bring myself to do it. She’s a silver leaf pothos and her leaves have a metallic glint in them.

This is a blushing jade. Technically, they’re outside succulents but I brought her in so she didn’t die in the cold. In the summer, her leaves turn red in the heat!

Not sure what this guy is. He’s leafy and green and fluffy and I love him!

Mother in Law’s Tongue AKA snake plant. These guys are AWESOME low maintenance, low light plants. You only water them every two weeks and they’re great for tight spaces!

Also an outdoor plant, but I had to bring him inside.

This whole wall gets a bunch of window light and these plants are thriving here!

For some reason, I absolutely CANNOT keep ivy alive. I’ve had them inside, outside and not overwatered. I can’t figure them out. This guy is some sort of ivy and is doing well so far! I’m hoping he makes it!

My crown jewel… Monster, my monstera plant. He was one of my first ‘big girl’ plants I bought after the miscarriage. While you’re not supposed to have favorites, he is my favorite. When I bought him of Etsy, his leaves were so small and only a couple of them had the splits. Last year, I cut about 85% of his leaves (all solids) out. Now, he’s growing all split leaves!

I hope this helps you out on your plant journey! Please let me know if you have any questions! 🙂

  1. I could not resist commenting. Very well written!

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