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The Greenhouse | Update 2 of 3

UPDATE 2!! So much as happened since my last greenhouse update! I can’t wait to show you what we’ve done so far! As we’ve made more and more progress, the original design has been tweaked quite a bit. We’ve added elements that we weren’t planning to have, but in the long run, we’re completely in love with the changes we’ve made!

The image below is where we left off in Update 1.

Project Manager. Laying down on the job again.

Two inner horizontal beams were installed. This wasn’t in the original plan (to have huge beams), but we added them for additional support. Plus, it looks amazing.

Shout to to Tim Howell for helping to install the two inner beams! Those things were beasts and there’s no way Mitch could have done that on his own. And I’m pathetic and weak so I would have been no help.

Next, four 4ft vertical posts went up to support the main peak beam.

Ready for rafters!

Those smaller diagonal supports weren’t in the plan either. But we love them!

Over Max’s birthday, Mitch’s parents came out to visit! Mitch and Dale got the rafters up in two days. I was expecting it to take 2 weeks!

Can’t handle this kid.

Do you see the much smaller boards in between the rafters? Mitch measured and cut each, individual piece. They will be the supports the roofing material is drilled into.

“Everything the light touches…”

Man, he’s cute.

Testing out windows! We eventually took them down to prepare for sealing the wood, but it was so neat to see them installed!

Diagonal design pieces going in!

The thinner pieces of wood in the middle of the thicker beams are for window support. Mitch ripped the wood, measured individually and installed each one. No idea how that man does it. But each opening has it’s own set of framing. When the windows are in, you’ll barely notice them. The base is now framed out to support the windows as well. This thing is a beast. It’s not going anywhere!

And just like that, the structure is complete. All the wood we ordered (and we had to place like 5 or 6 different orders) is installed. There’s one final set of pieces that will go in, but that will be when the windows are installed.

The windows fit perfectly!! Also, I’ve been searching FOR MONTHS for the remaining 15 windows we needed. They had to be 28×40 8 pane with the glass intact to fit within the beams and line up with what we currently have. A couple days ago, I FOUND THEM!!! They’re in North Carolina! I AM SO HAPPY!!!

For the next phase, we’re going to seal the wood (we couldn’t with all that crazy wind!), install the roofing panels, install the windows and have them painted white so they’re all uniform. If we could get 2 solid days of good weather, it could be done. And then you guys, the greenhouse itself is complete!!

After that, we’re on the the final phase… landscaping! Which I’m really looked forward to. We’re going to have sod on the inside, add an entrance element and a few other things! It’s so close!! AHHHHH!!!

  1. Francesca Jahnke says:

    All I can say is that is amazing work and an amazing outcome!!!! And your little guy is a doll! ☺️

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  3. Sherry Falls says:

    Just beautiful and such a joy to see your progress and your family ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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