Greenhouse faqs

Q: What guest count does the greenhouse max out at?
A: The greenhouse maxes out at 50 guests + the couple + officiant. lap children do not count in your count.

Q: Do we have to schedule a tour to book?
A: Nope! In fact, 75% of our couples book site unseen. 

Q: How do payments work?
A: Your payment schedule is typically broken down into 1/3, 1/4 or 1/5, depending how large your package is. The Enchanted collection is broken into 1/8 payments. 

Q: How does parking work?
A: We can park up to 12 guest vehicles. Vendors may use the driveway by the fence to unload and park. Carpooling/shuttle service or Uber/Lyft is required if you are expecting more vehicles than that. 

Q: What about alcohol?
A: A liquor license is required to serve alcohol. You can bring in and self-serve, or we recommend a company called The Go Bar. They are here quite a bit and are a huge hit with guests!

Q: What do we do for music?
A: Because of the unique location of our space, we cannot allow a DJ, bands, microphones or large speakers. Please bring a phone with your playlist and you can connect to our Bluetooth speaker! Our coordinator will handle any music or announcements you'd like.

Q: How much do couples typically spend for a wedding here?
A: That's the beauty of our venue! It's turn-key, and a ceremony doesn't require any additional decor. with our in-house services, you're able to build your own package to suite your needs and budget. while most of our couples utilize all the services we're able to provide, we also offer the option for a diy wedding. Our couples have a wide range of budgets. Everywhere from $1000 for our seedling weddings, or upwards of $25,000 or more, depending on the options that are selected. 

Q: Is there a minimum package requirement?
A: There is a $15,000 minimum for Friday-Sunday dates for our Peak Season months: April, May, June, September and October. For packages not meeting the minimum, Monday - THursday dates are available! However, if your wedding has a 1-3 month turnaround and we have a peak date open, the minimum requirement can be waived. Some dates may not apply. Inquire for details.

Q: We'd be coming from out of state. Can you recommend any local vendors for us?
A: yes! Most of our couples are from out of state! We supply a list of local, recommended vendors once your brochure is submitted. hotels/airbnbs, officiants, caterers, local restaurants, hair/makeup, etc. all tried and true, all offering expert services. 

Q: Do you allow dogs?
A: Yes! Please bring a leash (if they are runners and explorers) and baggies to pick up after them. Please do your best to make sure nothing happens inside the fenced in area and inside the greenhouse.

Q: Is the greenhouse wheelchair accessible?
A: Yes, it is!

Q: How do the florals and styling services work?
A: We want to see your Pinterest board with all your inspiration photos! Be sure to pin colors, arrangements, setups, etc. that you've seen and love. We will recreate it for you, completely unique and custom to you. It will be completed and done when you arrive on the wedding day.

Q: What do we do for food?
A: We provide a recommended vendor list for you! You're welcome to chose from our listed vendors who have been here before and do an excellent job, or do your own research and bring someone in. if you bring in a caterer not on our list, please have them contact us. they will have questions! It's also popular to cater in your favorite restaurant (Ex: Chipotle, olive garden, etc.). Or if you're local, a big pot luck is always a huge hit! Vaughan House staff is not permitted to handle food, so please make sure you have all cutlery needed and food servers!

Q: Are there restrooms?
A: Yes!

Q: What happens if it rains?
A: our tent rental is $2500 and includes bistro lighting. We will watch the forecast together and make the tent call by 8am the day before. It is ultimately your call! All florals, decor, etc. will go under the tent. Guests will sit at their tables for the ceremony and we can take umbrellas over to the greenhouse afterwards for pictures.

Q: Is there somewhere for us to get dressed?
A: you are welcome to rent the enchanted cottage. please check for availability! if not, we ask that you arrive dressed and ready for the ceremony. 

Q: what does a wedding day look like?
A: we want things to be as laid back and stressless as possible. we ask guests and your officiant to arrive about 15 minutes early. our coordinator will greet your guests as they arrive, help them park and get everyone seated. The bride will remain in her car, hidden behind the fence line. when all guests are seated, the bride exits the vehicle and walks right into the ceremony. after that, it's your photographer's call!

Q: is there a place for dancing?
A: yes! a typical dance floor is not necessary. some guests chose to dance inside the greenhouse, within the fenced in area or out in the yard. plenty of space!

Q: Are you LGBT friendly?
A: Yes, we are!

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“It was so amazing to just be able to put all the planning, decorating and setting everything up onto to someone who wasn’t a treasured guest. I sent Megan a Pinterest board of what I envisioned and she brought it to life even better than I could have imagined. Being able to speak with one person when it came to the venue, flowers, decorations, video, photography, coordination made everything SO MUCH easier because I wasn’t waiting on 8 different people to email me back.”

"I cannot even begin to stress how grateful I am to have found this place. I never wanted a wedding, but when I laid eyes on the greenhouse, everything changed. I realized I just never found the right place. Figuring out all the little details stressed me out, and I'M SO GLAD that Vaughan House handled everything! I showed up on my day and the tables were styled past my wildest dreams. It's so completely worth it to just let them handle it all!"

"I WILL NEVER STOP SINGING YOUR PRAISES!!!!! The Vaughan House team truly are a bunch of magical fairies. My family and friends felt so cared for. Your backyard is so perfect and my nieces loved your chickens! It's all such A FREAKING VIBE!!! THANK YOUUUUUU!!"

"We came from California and our friends and family flew in from 4 different states. The vendor list you sent over was a GODSEND! I'm unfamiliar with the area so I had no idea who to use. Anything you guys didn't provide, I booked from your list and I'm so incredibly happy with everything we picked! What would I have done without you?!"

At first, I was upset when I had to cancel my big wedding because of Covid. But when I found the greenhouse and spoke with Megan, I was wondering why I even decided to have a large wedding in the first place. The greenhouse is one of the most magical places I've ever set eyes on. It was truly a blessing to be able to get married there. It's peaceful, tranquil and you can feel the love an intimacy in that space. Megan took care of everything. I literally just showed up and got married. I can't even begin to explain how much weight was lifted off of me! I was able to really enjoy my day, knowing all the little things were covered. THANK YOU SO MUCH MEGAN & MITCH!!!!!

"Magical is the one word I would use to describe the Vaughan House Greenhouse. Megan is amazing at styling the greenhouse in so many different ways for all kinds of wedding styles. Ours was dreamy, fairy, and flowery. Beyond the venue, is the level of photography and cinematography that this venue can produce, truly timeless memories captured perfectly."

"Megan was wonderful to work with! She was very easy to communicate with. The greenhouse itself is so beautiful, especially in person. We had 9 people at our wedding due to the pandemic and change of wedding plans. But the greenhouse was the perfect size for our small wedding. It was very comfortable and enough space for everyone. She worked with us non stop. We had Vaughan House as our photographer too, we loved the photos so much. We don’t regret our decision of our change of wedding dates and venue to this one. 10/10 recommendation!"

"You spoke life and comfort into stressful situations and kept everything calm, cool and collected. I know I can be a crazy mess, but you were such a blessing to have on our special day... I absolutely adore the photos that you took and how they perfectly portray the essence of who we are as a couple."

"How prepared you were, how amazing you were with my family and my groom, managing all different people and personalities while capturing all of the amazing things we wanted to remember forever... it takes someone special to do all of that and do it really well. You are truly a blessing for every bride and groom that you grace your talents with."