How long is a micro-wedding?

The charm of a micro-wedding lies in its departure from the conventional timelines associated with larger weddings. Despite concerns among some clients that the brevity of the event might diminish their overall experience, this is far from the truth! It’s important to recognize that the time spent at the venue is only one aspect of the entire celebration. The ‘getting ready’ phase can be just as fun, offering a unique and enjoyable experience. Additionally, our venue provides the option of being on-site throughout the day, giving the client the ‘all day’ experience.

Every venue provides something different, but for us as a micro-wedding venue, our focus revolves around crafting packages that celebrate the essence of smaller, more intimate gatherings. Recognizing that each couple desires something unique, we take pride in providing flexibility across our packages to cater to individual preferences. Because we offer smaller weddings, we can ensure that your micro-wedding experience is personalized and tailored to your specific vision, making every celebration with us truly one-of-a-kind.

Our Seedling Package presents a 1 hour timeslot tailored for couples seeking an intimate ceremony without guests. Designed for those desiring a beautiful setting without the need for extensive setup, this package allows couples to exchange vows, officially unite in marriage, and capture couple portraits afterward. Additionally, couples can opt to get ready and enjoy an overnight stay at our Enchanted Cottage, adding a touch of magic to their wedding experience, more time on-site and additional photo/video opportunities.

Our Flora package offers a 2 hour time spot. This package is for couples who only want to utilize our greenhouse for exchanging vows in the presence of loved ones. They’ve chosen to not host a reception (or have a reception off-site). We’ve found this timeframe offers plenty of time for the ceremony, family portraits and couple portraits. When you don’t have a reception, there’s no need for a longer timeframe. Additionally, couples can opt to get ready and enjoy an overnight stay at our Enchanted Cottage, allowing the ‘pre-wedding’ experience of getting ready for the ceremony with a handful of family and friends. This option sets us apart from other venues, as the cottage is it’s own separate venue. With its stunning stonework and fairytale architecture, it offers another unique site for photo/video opportunities.  So while your ‘ceremony’ timeframe is only 2 hours, you’ve already been on-site all day at the cottage, enjoying the morning of your wedding with your family and friends.

Our Flora + Fauna Package offers 4 hours of greenhouse time. This allows everything listed above for the Flora package, but your guests are on-site longer to enjoy a meal together. This also allows more time to do the more ‘traditional’ things a typical wedding reception allows, like special dances, toasts, games and open dancing. The couple can also chose to do none of those things and just mingle with their loved ones! Also keep in mind, like the above packages, the cottage is also available to add-on, giving the couple a full, wedding day experience.

Overall, the beauty of a shorter time frame is that it keeps the focus on what’s important – the couple, their union and the treasured guests they’ve chosen to invite!

How Long Is A Micro-Wedding? | Virginia Micro-Wedding Venue