Who should you invite to your micro-wedding?

When curating a guest list for a micro-wedding, the focus is on inviting only those individuals who share a deep and meaningful connection with the couple. The essence of a micro-wedding lies in its intimate nature, making it ideal for close family members and a select group of friends who have played significant roles in the lives of the couple. Think of those who have been part of the couple’s journey, offering support, love and friendship. It’s about surrounding oneself with individuals who genuinely matter, creating an atmosphere where every guest contributes to the warmth and sincerity of the celebration. This might involve a more thoughtful curation, considering not just the immediate family but also friends who have been with the couple through thick and thin. The goal is to foster a sense of closeness, making every guest an integral part of the couple’s special day.

Another option? You don’t have to invite anyone! Our Seedling and Storybook packages are for the couple only, allowing the couple to only focus on themselves and their love for their wedding day.


Who Do You Invite To A Micro-Wedding? | Virginia Wedding Venue