The Enchantry

greenhouse & cottage rain plan

The term 'Enchantry' (in-chan-tree) is often imagined to refer to a place or area where magic occurs. A whimsical nook or alcove serving as a site for magical activities.

What happens if it rains on your wedding day?

We know why you've chosen our realm. The greenhouse and cottage are magical, whimsical locations and we wanted our rain plan to be as well. The Enchantry is a union between the botanical nature of the greenhouse and the fairytale nature of the cottage, in a sunken garden setting.

If the skies open for your greenhouse wedding, your ceremony and reception will be moved under the Enchantry. Your guests will sit at their tables and watch as you unite as one in front of the fireplace. The sound of rain of the roof will encourage a sense of calmness and peace.

You may then take refuge under your umbrellas to the greenhouse for photo/video.

If your wedding is at the cottage, you are also welcome to use the Enchantry. The fireplace is the same as the one at the cottage. The cottage rain plan is to host ceremony/reception inside, and you may chose that option as well if you wish.

What if it's not raining? Can you still chose to host your greenhouse reception under the Enchantry? Of course. Does this option cost you anything? Of course not.