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in our backyard at our home
forest, virginia

Wedding guest capacity:
50 total + couple + officiant

Recommended timeframe:
Mid-April through October
Off-season months also available

Nestled in the trees in the back corner of our yard, our greenhouse rests within the whispers of nature. Crafted from weathered beams and repurposed windows, it stands as a testament to the art of preservation and the beauty of reinvention. Within its embrace, a symphony of greenery unfolds, a tapestry of delicate petals and vibrant leaves dancing in the sunlight. Step inside and feel the gentle hush that envelops you, as time slows and the outside world fades away. Here, tranquility takes root, and a sense of calm washes over you like a soothing breeze. It beckons you to escape the ordinary and immerse yourself in the ethereal beauty that thrives within its walls.


- Greenhouse rental for 2 hours
- on-site Coordination Services
- Up to 50 guests
- seating

1 hour (venue only)
Monday - Thursday only
Couple + officiant only
Zero guests

seedLing wedding

- Greenhouse rental for 4 hours
- on-site Coordination Services
- Up to 50 guests
- tables + seating

ceremony only

Ceremony + reception

after one of these options is selected, you are welcome to continue building onto your package to suite your needs! You can add on photo, video, florals, decor & styling, lighting, additional hours, additional sessions and more! 

rooted collections

Napa Valley
Niagara Falls
redwood forest
grand tetons
garden of the gods
paris (we were shocked at this one, too!)


Ceremony, reception, tables, chairs, 
on-site coordination, photography, decor/styling, florals

popular package:

Chosen over:

Hosted guests from:



different states


different countries





Ceremony, reception,
tables, chairs, 
on-site coordination, decor/styling,
photography, florals

For those that want the full fairytale

The Enchanted Collection

check-in to the cottage; 2:00pm
Rehearsal (up to 20 rehearsal guests at the greenhouse)
rehearsal meal/drinks & dessert (up to 20 rehearsal guests at the cottage)
coordination services

Breakfast for the couple at the cottage
Greenhouse Wedding for up to 50 wedding guests
Reception meal/drinks & dessert for up to 50 guests
coordination | photography | videography
florals | decor & styling | CANDLELIGHT | China | Lighting

breakfast for the couple at the cottage
Check-out of the cottage at 10:00am

Mid-April - Late October is the recommended timeframe.

please inquire for more information.

Embark on a magical journey through our realm with our Enchanted Collection, where the captivating allure of our greenhouse and the whimsical charm of our cottage combine to create an unforgettable experience. This extraordinary package is the epitome of all-inclusiveness, ensuring that every moment of your weekend is filled with magic and wonder.

Ask for a digital brochure! It helps to see everything laid out. We also provide a full recommended vendor list, complete with any vendor you could possibly need outside of our in-house services. You are also welcome to bring in your own vendors if you'd like!

let us handle it so you don't have to lift a finger

additional add-ons








overnight stay

A: Rehearsals are not included, however you are welcome to add it on! On the wedding day, we ask guests and officiant to arrive 15 minutes early to be seated. The bride arrives when the time spot begins, exits the vehicle and walks right into the beginning of the ceremony!

Q: Do you include a rehearsal?

A: Of course! After you're officially in the books, a full recommended vendor list will be sent over to you! It has any vendor you'd need, and if it doesn't, we'll help you find what you're looking for!

Q: Can you recommend any other vendors for us?

A: Always a risk with outdoor weddings! If it looks like rain on your wedding day, you're welcome to rent our tent.

Q: What happens if it rains? 

A: We recommend keeping the number to 16 guests inside the greenhouse, but can push to 20 guests. Our max for outside of the greenhouse is 50 guests. That's 50 guests total!

Q: How many people can you accomodate for a wedding?

A: We are currently booking 2023 - 2026 so if you have a date in mind, we recommend booking as soon as you decide you'd like to have your wedding here!

Q: How far in advance should we book?

A: in our driveway! Street parking is also an option. We can park up to 10 vehicles in our driveway.

Q: Where do we park?

A: Yes, there is!

Q: Is there a restroom on site?

A: Please inquire about cottage availability! we can also recommend some amazing local AirBnBs and hotels for you and your family to stay!

Q: Can we rent the cottage to get dressed?

A: Yes, there is!

Q: Is there power?

A: Yes. a day-of liquor license is required. (approx: $40)

Q: Can we bring alcohol?

A: Lots of options! Some couples will hire catering companies which we can recommend to you. You could also bring in a food truck. Or, ask your guests to bring a dish and do a big pot luck!

Q: What do people typically do for food?

Q: Are you lgbtq friendly?

A: Yes, we are!



“It was so amazing to just be able to put all the planning, decorating and setting everything up onto to someone who wasn’t a treasured guest. I sent Megan a Pinterest board of what I envisioned and she brought it to life even better than I could have imagined. Being able to speak with one person when it came to the venue, flowers, decorations, video, photography, coordination made everything SO MUCH easier because I wasn’t waiting on 8 different people to email me back.”

At first, I was upset when I had to cancel my big wedding because of Covid. But when I found the greenhouse and spoke with Megan, I was wondering why I even decided to have a large wedding in the first place. The greenhouse is one of the most magical places I've ever set eyes on. It was truly a blessing to be able to get married there. It's peaceful, tranquil and you can feel the love an intimacy in that space. Megan took care of everything. I literally just showed up and got married. I can't even begin to explain how much weight was lifted off of me! I was able to really enjoy my day, knowing all the little things were covered. THANK YOU SO MUCH MEGAN & MITCH!!!!!

"Magical is the one word I would use to describe the Vaughan House Greenhouse. Megan is amazing at styling the greenhouse in so many different ways for all kinds of wedding styles. Ours was dreamy, fairy, and flowery. Beyond the venue, is the level of photography and cinematography that this couple can produce, truly timeless memories captured perfectly."

"We had my wedding July 2020 and Megan was wonderful to work with! She was very easy to communicate with. The greenhouse itself is so beautiful, especially in person. We had 9 people at our wedding due to the pandemic and change of wedding plans. But the greenhouse was the perfect size for our small wedding. It was very comfortable and enough space for everyone. She worked with us non stop. We had her as our photographer too, we loved her photos so much. She even felt like a wedding coordinator too which was so helpful! We don’t regret our decision of our change of wedding dates and venue to this one. 10/10 recommendation!"

"You spoke life and comfort into stressful situations and kept everything calm, cool and collected. I know I can be a crazy mess, but you were such a blessing to have on our special day... I absolutely adore the photos that you took and how they perfectly portray the essence of who we are as a couple."

"Megan Vaughan…where oh where do I begin… This woman is completely inspiring. From the moment I talked to her over the phone when I was searching for photographers, I knew I wanted to book with her. And when people say that the 1 thing you want to splurge for during your wedding is a photographer. LISTEN TO THEM. Her editing is absolutely timeless, and is literally the best I have seen."

"How prepared you were, how amazing you were with my family and my groom, managing all different people and personalities while capturing all of the amazing things we wanted to remember forever... it takes someone special to do all of that and do it really well. You are truly a blessing for every bride and groom that you grace your talents with."

"Megan has an exceptional talent when it comes to capturing the details of your wedding. Her passion for photography, connecting with her clients, and love for Jesus shine through as she works. She is constantly providing you with feedback, praise and showering you with compliments."

"We are overwhelmed with how wonderful our photos are from both our engagement and our wedding... Both of us have been left speechless and emotional with some of the shots that you were able to capture because we see the projection of feelings that we have inside for one another. It is a very special talent to be able to see through the chaos and excitement around you and find a flicker of joy and love. For that, we thank you."


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