How many guests do you invite for a micro-wedding?

This number will vary from venue to venue, but for us, our maximum guest count is 50 for our greenhouse and 25 at our cottage. We’ve found those numbers are perfect for our space., and everything we offer is designed around that guest count. For us, while we do have maximum guest count weddings, they’re not as frequent as those in the 20-30 range.

On a personal note, at our own wedding, we didn’t even get the time to eat, much less spend time with each other or our closest friends. We were too busy saying hello to everyone, thanking them for coming, doing everything that was ‘expected’ of us. There’s a sense of ‘playing host’ the couple gets. “All these people are here, I need to play host and make sure everyone is happy.” That’s not the case with our weddings. Our coordinators make sure you and your guests are happy, so you can just enjoy your new spouse and being married.

Smaller weddings are cherished for their intimate charm and meaningful connections. With a limited guest list, couples can personalize every detail, creating a unique experience that aligns with their vision. Not only are smaller weddings often more budget-friendly, but they also reduce stress and allow for more flexible planning. The couple can spend quality time with each attendee, and spend their time doing what they want, not what is traditionally expected of them. Overall, the appeal lies in the ability to prioritize quality over quantity, resulting in a more personalized and enjoyable celebration.

How Many Guests Do I Invite For A Micro-Wedding? | Virginia Wedding Venue