Smaller weddings are often considered better for several reasons, as they offer a range of advantages that resonate with many couples. Ultimately, whether a smaller wedding is better depends on the preferences and priorities of the couple. Many find that the benefits of intimacy, personalization, and reduced stress make smaller weddings a more appealing choice for their special day.

Intimacy and Meaningful Connections: A smaller guest list allows couples to share their special day with those who have played significant roles in their lives. This creates an intimate atmosphere where meaningful connections and interactions can take place. You can read about who to invite here. You can read about how many to invite here.

Personalization: With fewer guests, couples can focus on personalizing every aspect of their wedding. From the venue to the details of the ceremony and reception, there is more room for customization to reflect the couple’s unique style and preferences. With our Decor & Styling services, we take this idea even further, giving our couples the option to let us handle all of it.

Cost-Effective: Smaller weddings tend to be more budget-friendly. With fewer guests to accommodate, couples can allocate their budget more efficiently, investing in quality over quantity. This often results in a more lavish experience for each guest and the couple. If you were to take all the services we offer and piece them altogether outside of us, you’d end up paying double or even triple. You can read about micro-wedding costs vs. larger wedding costs here.

Reduced Stress: Planning a smaller wedding is generally less overwhelming and stressful. There are fewer logistics to manage, and the focus can be on creating a memorable and enjoyable experience rather than dealing with the challenges of coordinating a large-scale event.

Better Venue Options: Smaller weddings open up a wider range of venue options. Couples can explore unique and unconventional locations that may not be feasible for larger gatherings, adding an extra layer of charm and exclusivity to their celebration. We may know of a couple really amazing ones…

Flexibility: Smaller weddings offer greater flexibility in terms of scheduling and organization. Couples can be more spontaneous with their decisions, making it easier to adapt to unforeseen circumstances or changes. For example, there have been a couple occasions where the weather wasn’t looking favorable for our couple’s evening wedding. Because all their vendors were in-house with us, we bumped the entire event up by several hours, effectively missing the weather. Each time, we were justified, because at the original ceremony start time, it started pouring.

Quality Time with Guests: A smaller guest list ensures that the couple has quality time to spend with each guest. This is particularly valuable for building memories and strengthening relationships during the celebration. I’ve mentioned this in a previous post, but at our own wedding, we didn’t even get to eat, much less spend time with each other or our closest friends.

Better Overall Vibe: Smaller weddings also facilitate a more relaxed and laid-back atmosphere. With fewer guests, the overall vibe tends to be more intimate, allowing everyone to feel more at ease and fostering genuine connections. This creates an environment where guests are more likely to engage with each other, enhancing the overall enjoyment of the celebration.

Environmental Impact: Smaller weddings often have a smaller ecological footprint. With fewer resources used and less waste generated, couples who choose to have a more intimate celebration contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly event.


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